Who We Are

Quality Air Services was formed to meet the restoration, maintenance, and replacement needs of older real estate portfolios.

When the company re-opened its doors in 1999 with a new profile, the owners had the vision to make Quality Air Services the industry leader in custom leak protection systems fabricated according to the needs of the property management industry in the metropolitan area. Over the past 10 + years with hard work, persistence, and the eagerness to take on any job, no matter how big or small, Quality Air Services has become an acknowledged leader in protection against condensation water damage in HVAC systems, building garages, expensive office computer rooms, etc.

Quality Air Services has now grown to offer a wide array of other HVAC related products and services such as riser replacement, maintenance, cleaning, repair, and replacement of fan coil units (convectors) for multi-family housing; a full line of custom air vents and grills for your entire buildings specific needs and state of the art duct cleaning.

Every season a property manager has his or her own horror story regarding a convector condensate leak. Our worst involved an apartment unit (in an unnamed complex, of course) in which the resident had been out of town on a five-day business trip, leaving behind two badly leaking convector units. The total repairs tab for the landlord… $15,000. Another Washington area community had 240 convector condensate leaks this year alone.

Qualified professionals will consult you on how to prevent and protect your multi-family housing building or your personal condominium from leaks and water damages caused by faulty or outdated HVAC equipment. Our skilled and knowledgeable technicians also partner with building engineers and condominium owners to improve air quality, increase efficiency, and reduce the total cost of ownership. A professional property survey will educate you on how to improve the air quality of your property.

By maintaining an advanced and high-quality product design and personalized client services, Quality Air has set the standard of service…Excellence through total commitment.

HVAC Services Addition

Now for some exciting news… After years of client demand, we are so excited to announce that QAS has FINALLY expanded our line of services to include HVAC sales, installation, repair, and maintenance! We did some incredible work in 2018, our first year offering these services, and are working hard to grow this new division of our company!
Please contact us to schedule a time to look at your aging equipment and have a conversation about your property’s HVAC needs.