Our company is extremely experienced in the service, sales, installation and maintenance of all types of hydronic HVAC equipment. Our area of expertise is focused in multi-family housing buildings in the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia Metropolitan Area. With our full-line service company, you can be certain that your needs will be met in a timely manner by our skilled technicians. We specialize in troubleshooting problems with existing systems and provide the best and most cost efficient solution for you. Our high-quality service and fair pricing is what sets us apart from the competition. Please feel free to look over our wide-array of services and call us to let us know how we can help you.



We are excited to announce that effective immediately, Quality Air Services has expanded its line of services and products to include a variety of HVAC solutions for our clients! We have been serving the DC Metropolitan area in the field of hydronic heating & cooling equipment for 20 years… NOW we offer a wide array of HVAC services as well!

Sales, Installation, Repair & Maintenance of:

  • Split heat pump system
  • Split A/C, gas furnace and evaporator systems
  • Gas Furnace (natural gas/propane)
  • Combination systems (hydronic & refrigeration)
  • Dual fuel systems
  • Split cooling only systems
  • Ductwork design, installation and repair
  • PTAC units
  • MAGIC-PAK & AEROPAK Systems.
  • Ductless Mini-Splits (Heat Pumps & A/C systems)
  • Thru the wall window units
  • Thru the wall condensing units
  • Thru the wall heat pump units
  • Roof top package units
  • Roof top package units

Fan Coil Unit Replacement

New generation of Fan Coil Units are designed to meet your needs for comfortable heating and air conditioning in your home. Quality Air Services qualified technicians will

provide you with professional service during the installation including valve replacement without riser drainage and double pipe insulation with vapor barrier.

Different sizes of units are available in stock for immediate scheduling and installation. Corporate contracts are also available.

Riser Replacement

Quality Air Services specializes in turnkey riser replacement projects with minimal disruption to the residents.

As part of our standard service, we even include Resident Relations. This means that we will communicate directly with the affected residents through notice distribution, on-site project managers and an on-line portal for residents to log-in and view the schedule and progress of their buildings specific riser replacement project.

Pipe Freezing (ALL SIZES)

Quality Air Services offers freezing capabilities for up to an 8″ pipe. This helps to avoid entire building system drainge and saves you money on your water bill and your water treatment chemicals.

Roof Fan Replacement

Think your roof mounted exhaust fan is old?

Quality Air Services offers a full line of service and replacement to your exhaust fan.

Services include: motor replacement, cleaning, belt replacement, etc.

Thermostat Installation

We offer new line-voltage digital and analog thermostats that are the perfect fit for your room interior and easy to operate.

Varieties of most known American thermostats and controls manufacturers are available upon your request.

Custom Made Air Grills and Vents

Different sizes of aluminum grills are available for installation to replace the old, rusty and moldy grill on top of your convector or on the wall.

Each grill can be custom fitted to your unit. The standard colors are white and brushed aluminum.

Custom Water Leak Protection Systems

We offer custom made plastic water leak protection systems for any of your building’s specific needs. Primary pans, secondary pans, and pan inserts are custom molded as a retrofit option for your old fan coil units.

If you find a stain of water or calcium on top of your car in the parking garage, please call and a Quality Air Services trained technician will come and take measurements of your parking space and install a pan upon the scheduled date.

Duct Cleaning

Our Company uses modern HEPA duct cleaning equipment to improve the quality of air in your home or building.

Qualified personnel will provide you with professional service. We specialize in dryer, kitchen, bathroom and air duct cleaning.

Fan Coil Unit (Convector) Cleaning Services

Our cleaning and preventative maintenance service targets all parts of the fan coil unit to ensure their proper operation and the longevity of life.

Cleaning procedures include:

Completely vacuum the units interior to remove debris that has built up
Clean the coil with non toxic germicides
Vacuum the fan wheel and motor
Replace filters
Install algaecide tablet into the secondary pan
Clean the primary drain pan
Check the unit for proper operation

Pipe Insulation Replacement

We will replace your current deteriorated pipe insulation on the supply and return pipes going to your fan coil unit.

This will ensure no condensation leaks in the hot and humid summer. Insulation is replaced with an additional vapor barrier set on top.

Old Equipment Refurbishing



Replacement coil for fan coil units available in varieties of 3- or 4- row or heating and cooling with 4-pipe connection configuration.

Consulting Services

Qualified professionals will consult you on how to prevent and protect your multi-family housing

from leaks and water damages caused by faulty or out-dated HVAC equipment.